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rekordbox video

Introduce videos and images into your performances.

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Mix large video and image files with confidence thanks to our video processing algorithm, which ensures dependable performance. Manage all your music, image and video files in the same rekordbox library and use playlists and the search function to instantly access any file. Load image and video files to rekordbox decks as if they were audio tracks and play them live.



Use the automatic slideshow function by simply loading a set of image files as a slideshow playlist.


Overlay custom text on the master deck's video and control its opacity, position and animation speed.


Overlay an image on the master deck's video and control its opacity, position and animation speed.


Send the live feed from a camera connected to your PC/Mac to the master deck.

Transition FX

With Transition FX you can use the crossfader to mix two video sources with a choice of 20 in-built FX

Touch FX

Touch FX lets you add FX and adjust parameters by tracing on the x and y axes on the display.

Other Features

Parking Assist
Delay Compensation

Use Delay Compensation when playing at large venues where your audio and video streams go out of sync due to complicated video signal processing.

Parking Assist
MIDI learn

MIDI Learn lets you map features to the buttons on controllers. Assign video features to the buttons of the MIDI controller of your choice for intuitive VDJ performances.

Parking Assist

Our compatible DJ controllers and multiplayers offer easy set-up and instinctive control.


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