RM-07 DJ Speakers
MRP. ₹ 60,800/-
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MRP. ₹ 60,800/-

6.5-inch professional studio monitor with HD coaxial drivers

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The RM-07 is equipped with a 6.5-inch coaxial HD driver to deliver accurate point source monitoring. Custom-designed class AB bi-amps ensure balance across the frequencies while an exclusive toroidal transformer power source guarantees excellent S/N ratio and no distortion. Last but not least, a clip indicator on the front of the speaker protects the unit from the excessive input.


Accurate point source monitoring

HD coaxial driver units – inherited from our pro-audio brand TAD – put the tweeter and woofer on the same axis – emanating audio from the same point for a more accurate sound. A newly developed waveguide minimizes interference between the drivers to ensure crisp sound separation.

Precise & exhilerating high frequencies

The 1.5-inch, aluminium, hard domed tweeter and the diaphragm are custom-designed to deliver precise, rousing high frequencies of up to 50 kHz.

AFAST acoustic tube

Our AFAST* technology ensures clear and high-quality audio reproduction. An acoustic tube inside the cabinet and bass reflex port absorbs standing waves, drastically improving response in the low to mid ranges. * Acoustic Filter Assisted System Tuning (AFAST)

Tight Bass response

Aramid fibre woofers provide a tight bass response, while the front-loaded bass reflex system has grooves on the ducts to reduce air friction and deliver a clean bass – even when the monitors are positioned against the wall.

Other Features

Parking Assist
Rigid cabinets

The speaker's cabinets are made from die-cast aluminium with an attractive rounded cliff-cut shape for maximum rigidity and reduced resonance at all volumes.

Parking Assist
Flexibility and control

A 3-band EQ (low/mid/high) has 4 pre-sets for each band, giving you the option to tailor the speakers’ sound for certain scenarios. Additional balanced and unbalanced input ports provide ultimate flex


Main Features

Bi-amp, 2-way bass reflex, active monitor speakers


1.5-inch Hard Dome aluminium


6.5-inch Aramid Fiber

Auto Standby


Included Accessories

Power cord, Operating instructions, 4 Rubber legs, 6 Bottom cushions

General Information

244 mm


337 mm


260 mm


12.3 kg

Maximum Sound Pressure

109 dB

Amplifier Output

Class A/B Bi-amp: 100 W, LF: 100 W / 4 Ω, HF: 50 W / 4 Ω

Frequency Range

40 - 50,000 Hz


10 kΩ

Input Sensitivity

-40 dB ~ +6 dB

High EQ

-2 dB/ -1 dB/ 0 dB/ +1 dB at 10 kHz

Mid EQ

-4 dB/ -2 dB/ -1 dB/ 0 dB at 140 Hz

Low EQ

-4 dB/ -2 dB/ 0 dB/ +2 dB at 50 Hz

Cross Over Frequency

1.6 kHz

Power Consumption

195 W

Power Consumption (Standby)

< 0.3 W


1 XLR (balanced), 1 RCA (unbalanced)


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