18 Jun, 2018 Ver.1.10

DJS-1000 Firmware Update (Ver.1.10)

  • New
    • Adjust the volume of multiple tracks at the same time by holding down SHIFT and selecting the tracks on the touch screen.
    • Load project files from the DJS-TSP Project Creator application onto the DJS-1000.
  • Improved
    • Maximum sample length has been extended to 64 seconds.
    • Level meter for tracks live and muted.
    • FX engaged icon added to the HOME screen.
    • Sub parameters can be reset to default by long holding the PERFORMANCE FX, effect icon.
    • Copy the original pattern when the pattern length is extended.

DJS-1000 Project Creator Update (Ver.1.1.0)

  • New
    • File sharing via Network

DJS-1000 Driver Software Release

  • Driver software of USB CONNECTION (File sharing) for Windows/Mac have been released.
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