WeDJ Update

WeDJ for Android is now compatible with the DDJ-200

Posted on 23 Jul, 2019, by Pioneer India

We’ve updated our free mobile DJ app WeDJ for Android*. This latest version (ver. 1.1.0) enables Android smartphone users to enjoy tactile control of our DDJ-200 smart DJ controller via Bluetooth® wireless technology. 

WeDJ for Android (ver.1.1.0) is available for free from the Google Play store now.

Google Play

* In this update, we’ve only introduced support for the DDJ-200. New features such as compatibility with music streaming services, the Tutorial feature, etc., which are available in WeDJ for iPhone (ver. 2.0), are not included in WeDJ for Android (ver. 1.1.0).

List of updates:

  • Compatibility with the DDJ-200 via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)
  • Dedicated GUIs for DDJ-200 connections
  • Cancellation of in-app fees when the DDJ-200 is connected
  • Waveform upgraded to high-definition
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements