Name Points Product won
1st Prize Winner
Rohit Khatri 7000 AVH-Z9190BT, TS-Z65CH, TS-1601IN, GM-D8604, TS-A300S4
2nd Prize Winner
Jaspreet Singh 6970 AVIC-F80BT, TS-7150F, TS-A1670F, GM-A6704, TS-W120S4
3rd Prize Winner
Amiya Gopalssaha 6810 AVH-Z7150BT, TS-7150F, TS-A1670F, GM-A6704, TS-W120S4
Rank 4th to 8th Prize Winner
Mukthadeer 6800 DEQ-S1000A
Manish 6750 DEQ-S1000A
Trevor Calvin Baretto 6700 DEQ-S1000A
Sarita 6700 DEQ-S1000A
Kiran 6700 DEQ-S1000A
Rank 9th to 13th Prize Winner
Laxmi Prasad 6680 SPH-C19BT
Sayandeep Roy 6680 SPH-C19BT
Biswa 6640 SPH-C19BT
Shiv Shanker Goyal 6540 SPH-C19BT
Nizamuddeen 6450 SPH-C19BT
Rank 14th to 15thPrize Winner
Arun 6400 DEH-X6890BT
Rahul 6310 DEH-X6890BT
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