Apps to make your in-car entertainment safer and more enjoyable

with AppRadio mode +

With the new AppRadio Mode+ and AppRadioLIVE you can now enjoy both downloaded videos* and live streaming of videos* from your smartphone using just the USB cable. You can also check weather updates, finding nearby events and use certain Navigation & media applications from your iPhone or Android phone.

**Not Applicable in AVH-X Series
Applicable Models: AVH-Z9190BT, AVH-Z7150BT/AVH-Z7050BT, AVH-Z5190BT/AVH-Z5090BT, AVH-Z2190BT/AVH-Z2090BT, AVH-A5190BT, AVH-A2190BT, AVH-Z1090DVD, AVH-X599BT, AVH-X399BT

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Drive to the future with Pioneer Smart Sync

Pioneer SmartSync is a unique smartphone application that combines most of the driving related apps & high end audio tuning features in one easy to use interface. It combines Connectivity, Entertainment, Safety & Superior Audio tuning in one place.
Applicable Models:: SPH-C19BT, DEH-S3190BT

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Converts your Android smartphone into a powerful touchscreen remote control

With ARC (Advanced Remote Control) on your phone, one can control* Music sources, Audio settings and illumination color from smartphone itself. For convenience while driving, an option of launching selected navigation & music apps is also available through Pioneer ARC.
**Compatibility of ANDROID & iOS varies from model to model. Please contact nearest dealer, for detailed information.
Applicable Models: FH-S709BT, FH-S509BT, FH-X389UB, DEH-X6890BT, DEH-S3090BT, DEH-S1190UB,DEH-S1090UB, MVH-S119UB, MVH-S109UI

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In-car sound simulator

With new CarSoundFit from Pioneer, users can simulate the Pioneer speaker sound quality installed in your car with the smartphone application. By setting your vehicle information, you can experience a difference with originally fitted speakers and Pioneer speakers. By listening and comparing various speakers, you can find the speaker that suits your taste.

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Enhance your basic factory car audio setup's performance

Pioneer’s Sound Tune app is a great way to bring the sound of high-end audio to a basic factory car stereo and speaker set. All operations are performed easily through a smartphone and a wide range of settings are accessible. All settings, from the simplest to the most advanced, are intuitively accessible via your smartphone’s touchscreen.
Applicable to DEQ-S1000A only

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Stay connected with Pioneer India

Use this app to browse through our product range, access Car Fit guide to find out best Pioneer product fit for your car and to locate your nearest Pioneer dealers and service centers.

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