1) iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

2) Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

3) Products shown are for illustration only. Actual product/s may vary.

4) The cables and accessories are sold separately. For details, please check with your local authorized dealer.

5) Compatibility with AppRadio Mode will depend on the firmware smartphone device OS version.

6) The product features and specifications information could be incomplete or include some errors or misprints. Customers should cross check from the owner's manual for complete details.

7) Some models may not be available for some countries or areas.

8) Some Android or iPhone devices may not be compatible with the unit through USB or Bluetooth connection. Certain features might not work properly even after pairing with the unit is established. The compatibility or behaviour of USB or Bluetooth connection might also vary with the operating system of Android or iPhone device. Pioneer do not guarantees the compatibility with all the devices. Please check connection with your device at the time of purchasing the unit.

9) Pioneer India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. does not have any direct dealings with dealers, retailers, or stores. Consumers are advised to make payments to the dealer, retailer, or store simultaneously to the delivery of the product/s and are advised to apply financial prudence at all times. The dealers, retailers, or stores listed on our website are generally multi-brand resellers and are listed only for the convenience of consumers. Pioneer India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. and its distributors shall not be liable for non-fulfillment of the transaction by any dealer, retailer, or store.

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