GM-D9601 Mono
MRP. ₹ 18,790/-


MRP. ₹ 18,790/-

Class-D Mono Amplifier with Bass Boost Remote

With Max power of 2400 Watts and a stable curcuit, the Mono-channel GM-D9601 amplifier can handle multiple subwoofers. It's also got built-in low-pass crossovers, speaker level inputs for easy connection to an OEM headunit and Bass boost remote for optimal bass level adjustment.


Connect Multiple Subwoofers

To prevent circuit shutdown, Pioneer's new digital amplifier circuit "Protection Control System" senses its internal temperature and automatically moderates input level accordingly. Stable, durable circuitry lessens the risk of high input power for the unit to achieve 1 Ω connection. This design enhances the flexibility to connect multiple subwoofers to a system.

Big power, small size

Pioneer’s new extra-efficient Class-D digital amplifiers mark a dramatic improvement in power output capability, yet are much smaller than Class-AB amplifiers. That makes them more versatile in terms of installation as well as performance.

Bass Boost Remote

Every new Class-D amplifier has a Bass Boost Remote Controller for optimal bass level adjustment according to listening preferences and music characteristics.
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Other Features

Parking Assist
Variable LPF

Variable LPF allows for adjustable frequency between 40 Hz to 500 Hz

Parking Assist
Gain Control

Appropriate gain control adjustment can be made to ensure loud, clear, distortion-free music


Number of channels


General Information
Frequency Response

10 Hz to 240 Hz

Max. Wattage (4 ohms)

1,000 W x 1

Max. Wattage (2 ohms)

1,600 W x 1

Max. Wattage (1 ohms)

2,400 W x 1

Wattage RMS (4 ohms <= 1 % THD+N)

500 W x 1

Wattage RMS (2 ohms<= 1 % THD+N)

800 W x 1

Wattage RMS (1 ohms <= 1 %THD+N)

1,200 W x 1


Ramy Habachi

Vikrant Rai

Kannan Sridharan

Using this to power a German Maestro sub and cant complain much. The controller knob gives you the added flexibility to vary the sub volume to different types of songs. May be not attacking as the A/B amps but at this price point you shouldnt be cribbing

Uday Ayer

Nice good

Atul gupta

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