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Component speakers with separate tweeters are ideal for music lover, especially in creating a sound stage right in front of the listener. It provides the leniency of placing the tweeter on A-pillars or on the dash with a flexible mount. It is loaded with a P.F.S.S. Spider and an enhanced MMM cone to offers an impactful musical experience.

Features of TS-A1606C

New MMM cone

New MMM cone

Mica is pulverised and infused onto a pulpy cone design to bring rigidity into other wise light but fragile pulp cone. With a 10% increased flexural rigidity and a water resistant back, be ensured that this speaker will last long while breaking all sound records.

New MMM cone

Separate Cross-Over

Separate Cross-Over

While your woofer & tweeter justify your music experience, are you missing 'something' in the vocals? Well, it’s the fault of the cross-over which comes with the speaker. Upgrade to Pioneer speakers featuring an external, high-quality crossover which ensures a smooth blend of sounds from the components without losing out any sounds.

Separate Cross-Over

P.F.S.S. spider

P.F.S.S. spider

Progressive Flex Suspension System supports the voice coil effectively by dampening the large cone vibration and enhancing linearity of sound reproduction. Its soft part makes movement smooth and reproduces clear sound and at excessive input, its hard part controls excessive vibration and prevents movement error.

P.F.S.S. spider

Other features of TS-A1606C

Tweeter mounting option
Tweeter mounting option

Various mounting options are included in the package to install tweeter

Elastic polymer surround
Elastic polymer surround

Cone surround is made of elastic polymer for durability at extreme conditions

High power voice coil
High power voice coil

Voice coil moves speaker cone, creating sound. Increased power translates into impactful sound

Larger Magnet
Larger Magnet

Redesigned magnet with larger size for more power to drive voice coil.

Specifications of TS-A1606C

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Type: SEPA. 2-WAY

Sound pressure level: 91dB(±1.5dB)

Frequency range: 32Hz ~ 43,000Hz (-20dB)

Maximum power: 350 W

Nominal power: ( 60 W )

Cone size: 6-1/2" ( 160mm), CONE

Impedance: 4 OHM

Crossover frequencies: 6400 Hz


Color: Black

Surround material: Elastic polymer, Black

Type: DOME

Diaphragm material: TETRON NET

color: Black

Dimensions: φ158 X 67 mm (w/o grille)

Weight: 1.03kg (2 lbs 4 oz)

Mounting depth: 54.3 mm

Cutout hole: Φ128 mm

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Mehul Sethia on 12 Dec, 2016

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