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More complex mobile entertainment systems have special speaker requirements. If your design calls for component speakers, Pioneer has high-quality tweeters and mid-range speakers to fit your needs.

Features of TS-T110

PPTA Diaphragm

PPTA Diaphragm

Specially designed diaphragm made from PPTA material can realize both crisp and clear treble sound at almost any volume level.

PPTA Diaphragm

Tune-up tweeter

Tune-up tweeter

Pre-fitted speakers are generally installed in the door. Producing the sound-stage far from the ear of the user. By installing an additional tweeter, the sound experience can be enhanced significantly by producing the sound-stage close to the ear of the user. Tune-up tweeter well give life to your system.

Tune-up tweeter

Other features of TS-T110

Large Magnetic circuit
Large Magnetic circuit

More magnetic field increases power output and optimizes heat dissipation.

Heat-resistant Voice coil
Heat-resistant Voice coil

High quality aluminium voice coil bobbin is used to safeguard from heat and prolong speaker life

Specifications of TS-T110

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Type: Dome

Frequency Response: 2.5 kHz to 30 kHz

Nominal power: 40W

Sound pressure level: 90dB(±1.5dB)

Maximum power: 120W


Diaphragm Size: 7/8"

Diaphragm material: PPTA

color: Silver

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