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  • Designed for the young generation to provide energetic listening experience. Its progressive flex suspension system allows it to provide clear sound & impactful bass. A Fully covered mesh grille provides it high reliability and prevents it from dust which makes it perfect for installation in rear tray.

Features of TS-R6951S

New MMM cone

New MMM cone

Mica is pulverised and infused onto a pulpy cone design to bring rigidity into other wise light but fragile pulp cone. With a 10% increased flexural rigidity and a water resistant back, be ensured that this speaker will last long while breaking all sound records.

New MMM cone

P.F.S.S. spider

P.F.S.S. spider

Progressive Flex Suspension System supports the voice coil effectively by dampening the large cone vibration and enhancing linearity of sound reproduction. Its soft part makes movement smooth and reproduces clear sound and at excessive input, its hard part controls excessive vibration and prevents movement error.

P.F.S.S. spider

Full covered grille

Full covered grille

This prevents a physical damage and deliver a reliability and high endurance.

Full covered grille

Seal of genuinity

Seal of genuinity

Years of research & state-of-art production facilities is our secret behind every Pioneer speaker's quality sound reproduction. Our popularity with you have attracted cheap speakers being sold under Pioneer brand name. Use our 3-D hologram on the speaker package to identify a genuine product and safe-guard yourself from cheap fake products.

Other features of TS-R6951S

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Shallow basket
Shallow basket

Light weight design with lesser mounting depth for easy installation in your car

Heat-resistant Voice coil
Heat-resistant Voice coil

High quality aluminium voice coil bobbin is used to safeguard from heat and prolong speaker life

Specifications of TS-R6951S

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Type: COAX. 3-way

Sound pressure level: 92dB (±1.5dB)

Frequency range: 31Hz ~ 35,000Hz (-20dB)

Maximum power: 400 W

Nominal power: (50 W)

Cone size: 6"X9" ( 163 X 237 mm), CONE

Impedance: 4 OHM

Crossover frequencies: 3000Hz


Color: BLACK



Color: BLACK

Surround material: FIX


color: Silver

DIMENSIONS: 264 X 184 X 102 (mm) (with grille)

WEIGHT(PER SPEAKER INCL. PARTS): 0.99kg ( 2lb 3oz )


CUTOUT HOLE: 222 X 153mm

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