AV Receivers Firmware Update (Ver 8.11)

System Firmware Update Instructions for Pioneer In-Dash AV Receivers

Published On: Feb. 4, 2019, 11:54 a.m.

Version: 8.11

This firmware update (All versions) contains the following improvements:

  • Audio powers down when Android device connected by Blue tooth.
  • When playing a music with only one letter title on iPod source, Audio can not display the title correctly (display "No title").
  • Android Auto of Pixel 3 (Android device) is not recognized.

Please make sure to read the firmware download instructions before proceeding

Download Firmware Update Instructions

Firmware files are hosted on Pioneer's Google Drive.

This firmware update (version 8.36, 8.11 & 8.14) applies only to the following models of Pioneer Connected Touch-Screen Players sold in India. All associated file names are linked to their respective Dropbox links.

S.no Model Number File Name Version
1 AVH-Z5190BT CVJ2791-G.avh 8.11
2 AVH-Z2190BT CVJ2791-G.avh 8.11
3 AVH-Z7150BT CVJ2794-G.avh 8.11

Firmware Update for AVH-Z5190BT, AVH-Z2190BT

Ver 8.10

Published On: July 10, 2018, 9:17 a.m.

Version: 8.10

Firmware update for AVH-A2190BT and AVH-A5190BT

Please download the manual before updating the firmware

This firmware update (Version 8.10) contains the following improvements:

  • Fix a problem that a rhythm tempo of BT-Audio becomes slower than original music in case of certain devices
  • Fix “Slow response issue” for iOS11 compatibility with AppRadio mode
  • Fix a problem that the order of your surname & first name appears incorrectly if you put a space between surname & first name in Bluetooth phone book
  • Revise an announcement for screen aspect ratio modes (Full & Normal)
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • The album cover art of the song being played from iPhone/iPod (iOS11.3 or later) is displayed correctly on the product now

firmware update instructions

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