Product Advisory for DVR products

Unauthorised sale and distribution of Pioneer DVR products outside of China

Posted on 06 May, 2016, by Pioneer India

Date: 5th May 2016

Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre - There have been recent reported cases of Pioneer in-car digital video recording (DVR) products which are designated for the China market, being sold outside of China. Please note that these devices, including but not limited to the following models, are designed and manufactured exclusively for the China market, and hence, have not been approved for use in other countries by their respective authorities.

As each country may have specific safety standards and product compliance requirements, these DVRs may not meet the local regulatory needs in markets outside of China. As such, Pioneer does not encourage the distribution, purchase, and use of these DVRs in other countries, and will not be liable for any injury and damage directly or indirectly arising from the wrongful usage of these unauthorised products outside of its designated market

Whenever in doubt on the authenticity or legitimacy of a Pioneer product, always contact your local Pioneer office for more information.

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