Firmware Update for AVH-Z5090BT, AVH-Z2090BT and AVH-Z1090DVD


Posted on 31 Jan, 2018, by Pioneer India

For AVH-Z5090BT, AVH-Z1090DVD and AVH-Z2090BT

Please download the manual before updating the firmware

This firmware update (version 8.32) contains the following improvements:

  • Fix a problem that a rhythm tempo of BT-Audio becomes slower than original music in case of certain devices.
  • Fix “Slow response issue” for iOS11 compatibility with AppRadio mode.
  • Fix a problem that the order of your surname & first name appears incorrectly if you put a space between surname & first name in Bluetooth phone book.
  • Revise an announcement for screen aspect ratio modes (Full & Normal).
  • Other minor bug fixes.

NOTE: User, who haven’t updated their unit with 8.28 till now, they may directly upgrade to latest firmware (8.32), as improvements of previous release are also covered in this version.

The previous firmware update (version 8.28) contains the following improvements:

  • Improves compatibility with certain USB memory devices.
  • Corrects minor errors that may occur when connected to a compatible iPhone® or iPod®.
  • Fix a problem certain WAV files cannot be played.
  • Fix a problem some sources cannot be selected with remote control after changing source layout on the Home screen.
  • Improved other minor problems.

Downloadable files

update process (524.0KB)