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Media coverage in 2020 May

22 May, 2020

Pioneer launches an Android tablet-based system

As in Stuff India

Pioneer, one of the leaders in car entertainment, has just launched a tablet combo with genuine Android OS that can be detached from the 2-DIN in-dash unit and anyone in the car can use it as an on-the-go entertainment device.

Source: Stuff India
Stuff India

20 May, 2020

Pioneer launches detachable touchscreen ICE

As in Team Bhp

Pioneer has launched its detachable touchscreen infotainment head-unit in India. It comes with a tablet called SDA-835TAB and SPH-T20BT receiver. The combo is priced at Rs. 33,890.

Source: Team Bhp
Team Bhp

20 May, 2020

Trends shaping the future of automobile industry

As in DataQuest

With the advancement of technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), robotics and IoT (Internet of Things), the automobile industry has made some significant leaps towards growth and development. The utopian image of future – with cars that run on eco-friendly fuel and can drive themselves – isn’t too far away now.

Source: DataQuest