Firmware Update for AVH-Z5090BT, AVH-Z2090BT and AVH-Z1090DVD

Ver 8.35

Posted on 10 Jul, 2018, by Pioneer India

Firmware update for AVH-Z5090BT, AVH-Z2090BT and AVH-Z1090DVD

Please download the manual before updating the firmware

This firmware update (Version 8.35) contains the following improvements:

  • Fix a problem that a rhythm tempo of BT-Audio becomes slower than original music in case of certain devices
  • Fix “Slow response issue” for iOS11 compatibility with AppRadio mode
  • Fix a problem that the order of your surname & first name appears incorrectly if you put a space between surname & first name in Bluetooth phone book
  • Revise an announcement for screen aspect ratio modes (Full & Normal)
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • The album cover art of the song being played from iPhone/iPod (iOS11.3 or later) is displayed correctly on the product now