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Aplicable Models – AVIC-F70BT, AVIC-F60BT, AVIC-970BT

Streets change! Businesses open and close! Enjoy the best driving experience with the latest detailed street maps with more locations to ensure fast, accurate navigation. Besides having a Hybrid positioning system that gives you turn-by-turn guidance and access to a large database of POIs, The AVIC maps offer 3D view for certain Landmarks, Junction view & signpost view for a true to life experience. Refer the information below to get latest map update.

What’s New?

Map & Data Comparison (city: city or locality->city or sub-locality->locality->city)
Layers Version 13.0 (16 Q2) (Latest version) Version 14.0 (16 Q4) Version 15.0 (17 Q2)
Cities (street level) 7209 cities 7249 cities 7250 cities
Cities(House Level Data)* 119 cities 212 cities 226 cities
House Numbers* 5.70 Mn 7.33 Mn 10.67 Mn
POIs 7.10 Mn 8.70 Mn 9.37 Mn
Road Length 2.48 Mn km 3.53 Mn km 4.31 Mn km
Towns/Villages 640 K 640 K 640 K
Lane Guidance 182 cities and along National Streches 207 cities and along National Streches 536 cities
Cities with 2D footprints*** - - -
3D landmarks* 6554 6553 6554
Signpost(States)* 16,585 cities 20,928 cities 32,390 cities
3D Icons 6,554 6,553 6,554
3D Buildings 116 cities 116 cities 116 cities
2D Building Footprints 189 cities 245 cities 246 cities
Junction View 541 cities 543 cities 681 cities
Driver Alerts 189 cities 225 cities 304 cities

Check your firmware version

Check whether the firmware of your unit needs to be updated by checking the map version details.



Step 1: Switch on the HU


Step 2: Select Navi screen


Step 3: Scroll screen and select “about” button


Step 4: Scroll and select Content


Step 5: Scroll and Select Map


Step 6: This will display Map Version currently on the set.

^^Repeat the above procedure again after Map updating to confirm Map update is successful.

Map update instructions

Due to complicities involved in map update we recommend customers to visit nearest service center. Click here to view service center list.


Note- Map updates are free within the first 60 days form the day the head-unit received the first navigation signal. After 60 days from the day the system receives signal, map update will be chargeable.

Charges applicable: INR 3,000/-

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