Speaker/Tweeter Installation tips

Installation tips to get the best output from your car speakers

Posted on 03 Nov, 2015, by Pioneer India


Music feeds our soul, ever wondered who feeds the soul of music? Yes, a good audio system. A good audio system is just like chocolate sauce to vanilla ice cream, Oreo to milk, ketchup to French fries, cheese is to pizza and so on (list of good things didn’t seem to end). If you are a music lover you know what we are talking about. And if you are one of those people who spend most of their time in cars then it makes perfect sense to have an amazing car audio system.
A good audio system which suits your ears is hard to find and harder is to getting it installed properly. A poorly installed ‘good audio system’ won’t give you the desired output. So, best it to know what goes where and how. Even the simplest improvements to your system can yield noticeable results. Following tips are to the rescue (it’s the time to get technical).

Recommendation of Tweeter placement

Tweeters are responsible for reproducing high-range frequencies. These high frequencies add an emotional dimension to the music. Even the simplest improvements like changing the placement of your tweeters can yield a noticeable improvement in sound quality. The best location for installing the tweeters is at your car’s dashboard, facing towards the center of the passenger seat and the driver seat. It helps to make the sound of both tweeters reach the ears of the user at the same time providing an ecstatic experience. If the tweeter direction is towards the driver’s eye, auditory localization is disturbed by several reflected sound which can hamper the listening experience. The next best location for installing the tweeters is on the triangular corner as shown on the image below. If the car space doesn’t allow you to install your tweeters at the triangular corner then you can install them on the A-Pillars of your car with the help of a flash mount spacer. By taking this simple measure, you can significantly improve your in-car music listening experience.

Recommendation of Tweeter placement for Co-axial speakers

Coaxial speakers (2-way/3 way etc.) come with a tweeter, or the tweeter and a mid-range driver mounted in front of the speaker, partially obscuring it. The advantage of this design is the ability to use a smaller area, hence their popularity in car audio. Mid-range sound of speaker spreads wider as compared to a high range twitter sound. Thus, while installing of a Co-axial speaker, tweeter direction should always be kept upwards so that the sound reaches directly to your ears without any hindrance.

Creating a virtual speaker enclosure

Another important measure you can take to make your speakers sound better is to close the extra holes in the steel sheet of your car doors. It will help to create a virtual speaker enclosure and reduce the road noise. You can close these holes by firmly attaching a waterproof sheet or utilizing damping sheet. The more the door is sealed the better will be the reproduction of sound.

Avoid unwanted vibration Sound

Speaker / Speaker bracket should be fixed firmly to prevent unwanted vibration. These vibrations occur due to poor installation. They are even more noticeable when the music is played on a higher volume or music with more bass effects is played. To avoid this, no gap should be left between the speaker and the car door. At times, the speaker mount loosens over time which displaces the speaker from their original position, thus creating noise. Speakers like TS-C600IN from Pioneer provide amazing Installation Versatility.

TS-C600IN comes with brackets suitable for easy fitment for most of the cars available in India. By using these brackets, you can avoid unwanted vibrations completely, thus increasing bass effects.

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