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Pioneer’s car safety gadgets promise enjoyable drive coupled with safety

Posted on 15 Aug, 2019, by Pioneer India

Driving is a pleasure for people that they can’t afford to resist. The innate desire to drive through the scenic byways and highways comes to most of the people naturally and if the drive is perked up with the best music and speed—one is certain to feel like on top of the world. But, amidst enjoying the drive, the one on the driving seat might miss obstacles on the road ahead or by any other vehicle walking alongside the car, which can be dangerous. Rear-view mirrors are not sufficient in making the driver focused and safe on the road because the exact distance between other moving vehicles is tough to measure. The cars on the road are vulnerable to many unexpected mishaps and accidents, especially, when they are not fully-equipped with appropriate safe driving accessories.

Completely aware of all perils on the road, the Japan-based car infotainment and accessories brand Pioneer offers tech-advanced in-car cameras that monitor and record the drive in real-time.

Universal rear-view camera to track who is behind your back

The collisions when reversing the car is probably the commonest of the driving issues; the reason being the restricted vision behind. With Universal Rear Camera ND-BC02, Pioneer helps the man on steering to find out the distance between the car and the wall or fence or other rear vehicles, that too without anyone guiding the way. IP67-rated ND-BC02 captures the clear and vivid images with minimal or no noise with less power consumption.

Dash camera recorder & monitor to keep you on the lane

Allowing you to get a wide-view angle of the road in 1296p HD clarity, Pioneer VREC-100CH makes the driver aware of road perils such as lane jumping by efficient monitoring of the drive. Supporting a storage capacity up to 128 GB, it records the entire journey and even beeps an alarm if your car deviates from your ideal driving lane, thereby pushing you to adhere to the traffic and driving rules. What makes it special is that it smartly collects the evidence of any harm caused to the vehicle for the insurance company. Its integrated G-Sensor automatically detects a collision and unusual change in car’s motion and turns on to save the footage.

Unique front & rear view drive recorder to slipstream safe

Pioneer VREC-200CH enables you to maintain an ideal distance between your car and other vehicles for safety of all. In the wake of needs and wishes of driving enthusiasts, Pioneer VREC-200CH comes with auto-recording, emergency backup, and G-Sensor. It combines the unique capabilities of both VREC-100CH and ND-BCO2, as you wish for it. Now, one can have clear and vivid view of the front and rear view in 720p HD clarity and store up to 32GB of recordings with reduced motion blur in separate folders, thanks to its multilayer lens. Its high-efficiency and reduced power consumption also hand you the convenience to charge it even at the last moment simply through the car charger.

Known for providing affordable and enduring car audio products par excellence, Pioneer protects the car and car enthusiasts against negligence and danger through in-car digital cameras. Pioneer understands the sentiments people have towards driving and car and realizes the value of human lives very well. That’s why; it enhances their driving experience as well as take extra care of their safety through its wide range of products.