12 Apr, 2022 by Pioneer India

Special edition speakers that bring the best of Pioneer

According to the 2020 Audio Tech Lifestyles consumer survey conducted by Future Source Consulting, Indian customers are looking for speakers with an audio quality that surpasses anything else in the market. People have become incredibly conscious of ensuring that their car audio system is nothing short of bombastic. Noticing this trend, Pioneer has launched its special edition speakers that bring the best of Pioneer to the table.

The range includes three component speakers, namely – TS VR170C, TS-V170C, and TS-J170C. Each speaker has its own unique characteristics that set it apart from a plethora of other speakers in the market. The Pioneer engineers who have developed these speakers have a strong belief in takumi (craftsmanship ability) that they have acquired by studying the different use cases and experimenting with a lot of designs. They’ve inherited the takumi spirit from Nozomu Mastumoto, who is the founder of Pioneer. Satoru Hiwatari, in charge of Marketing and Engineer, Tohoku Pioneer Corporation, talks about this philosophy and more in this short video.

The state-of-the-art speakers are a result of integrating decades of knowledge, technology, and craftsmanship and they comprise carefully curated materials and parts. The speakers deliver super-rich details, excellent spatial depiction, and superb audio reproduction with a sense of reality and presence.

Hayami Kondo, Speaker Engineer, Tohoku Pioneer Corporation delves deeper into the technical aspects of these speakers and how they come together to deliver unmatched audio quality in this short video.

TS-V170C and TS-J170 are designed to be a plug-and-play package. Accessories that are needed during the installation come with the speakers. All the customers have to do is prepare the tools like drivers, removers, etc. Hiroyuki Dohi, in charge of Planning and Engineering Tohoku Pioneer Corporation, tells us more about the installation process in detail in this short video.

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