Best space saving active subwoofers for your car

Experience the Punchy Bass with Pioneer’s Wide Range of Space Saving Active Subwoofer

Posted on 06 Jun, 2019, by Pioneer India

Best space saving active subwoofers for your car

The thump of a strong beat to the slow tap of a percussion beat, just before a tempo begins – the mark of a crystal clear pitch and sound is often about the power that one can pack into the bass. This signature impact of a good sound is what you’d find at the heart of the heaviest beats and loudest notes from any good active sub-woofer device.

A high-definition and crystal clear sound experience begins with the right hardware and in this case, that hardware is with an excellent subwoofer. Here’s how you can meet this need with the right paired active sub-woofer from Pioneer’s set of car music system offerings.

Add in that powerful bass

A good sound experience is based on how powerful sound components you’ve packed into your car. It’s not about how big your car is, (though a bigger car does have larger trunk space to accommodate a more powerful sound system).

Pioneer’s range of subwoofers is an ideal go-to option for powerful bass with maximum power, to pack in that extra punch to your music. The range of subwoofer systems available with the car systems brand vary as per the user’s requirements. Here we explore five such distinct devices and their USPs to the table:

1. TS-WX400DA – The Compact Active Subwoofer with built-in 250 Watts Output (Class D Amplifier)One of the latest offerings from Pioneer’s range of active subwoofer devices, this compact device packs a powerful ‘punch’ as far as bass quality is concerned. The device brings a rich set of low-frequency production which one would not normally expect from such a compact device.

Want more? We can’t speak enough about its ‘down fire’ speaker design which makes the sound delivery so powerful. In fact, the D-Amplifier offers two options in equalisation – deep and dynamic, to play a host of music choices perfect to the last low-frequency note.


2. TS-WX70DA – Advanced active subwoofer with flexible installation, selectable bass modes and class-D amplifier.One of the latest active sub-woofer offerings from Pioneer car electronics, the TS-WX70DA may generate only 200 watts of maximum power, but that in no way impacts its sound quality. This power consumption pattern makes it a compact device, which may not even require a direct battery connection for some vehicles.

This subwoofer is also known for a very unique structure – the back-loaded horn structure which reduces resistance and produces a deeper sound.

3. TS-WX130EA – Sealed Active under-seat Subwoofer with Class D Amplifier.

Often, most music aficionados equate a good car sound system and active subwoofer with a large-sized device that may not work well with their compact cars. That’s not the case anymore with this sleek, small device which can be easily installed either under a car seat or in the boot of the car.

This active sub-woofer also brings with itself a bass reinforcement feature to deliver a dynamic and tight bass.


4. TS-WX300TA – Active tube Bass Reflex Systemfor high quality bass sound.

For a more Powerful, yet technologically superior experience, you may consider the TS-WX300TA car subwoofer, which is shaped like a tube. Set inside a bass reflex tube, these powerful subwoofers can create low sub frequencies that are not possible with a conventional sound system.

5. TS-WX300A – Active Box Bass Reflex System. A good clear bass sound is also about the material used to capture the reverberations of the sound device. These occur through a revolutionary composite speaker cone, which has been incorporated into this particular device to get a solid and rhythmical bass.

As a compact active subwoofer, the TS-WX300A saves on space and the time taken to install it – you can easily fit this device in your car.

If you’re still unclear about the right subwoofer to match your needs, you can always opt for a consultation with our services team to find the set that’s perfect for you.

A good sound experience is not just about investing in the right music choices, but also the right playing capacity. Give your system this seamless advantage of powerful sound by investing the right power-packed bass system for your needs.